mobile home kitchen decor
Creating a sense of light, airy space makes mobile homes much more appealing — and helps get your inventory rented faster. As part of mobile home refurbishment process, choosing the right interior elements creates a comfortable space that renters will love to call home.

Here are our six mobile home decorating ideas for making your space feel bigger.

See the Natural Light

Utilizing natural light is the most effective way to maximize space because light is the primary source for our perception. It may be as simple as pulling back the drapes and raising the blinds. An increase in natural light will change the feel of a room like the clouds lifting and exposing a sunny day.

The brighter a room feels, the more open and airy it appears to the senses. Light reflects from one surface to another and tricks the eye into believing the space is larger if there are many reflective surfaces. Bright light also works with colors, making dark hues seem brighter and letting lighter shades better amplify reflection.

Natural light also brings in the expanse of the outdoors, making it feel like indoor spaces are blending with nature.

Multiple light sources

Artificial light is not to be overlooked in mobile home refurbishment. Ceiling lights can be brightened with higher wattage bulbs and the spectrum can be changed from cool white to warm white or vice versa for a dramatic effect. Don’t overlook the energy-efficient LED or fluorescent lamps as they too provide a great source of lighting.

Kitchen areas instantly appear larger when equipped with under-cabinet mounted lights, and bathrooms seem to magically expand when the candlepower is increased.

Coordinate the Colors

A timeless home decorating tip in making a small place seem larger is to work with a monochromatic paint scheme — or at least to keep color changes within the same hues. Sharp contrasts in colors tend to make a harsh division between spaces. Like dark colors, significant changes in shades tend to give a closed-in feeling.

The best approach for a small living space is to make the outer perimeter blend by working the hard surfaces like walls, ceilings and cabinets in neutral, lighter tones and varying the rooms. A one-tone paint scheme can be freshened with small accents with a splash of color strategically placed where it catches the eye. Remember, it’s all about illusion. Color, like light, offers the best illusion at the best price.

Hang Mirrors

Next to windows, mirrors are the best light-supplying sources to add to your mobile home refurbishment and decorating. There’s an old saying that illusions are done with “smoke and mirrors.” Smoke definitely isn’t the best trick to use in improving sense of space, but mirrors certainly are. Think of a mirror as another window in the manufactured home. Properly placed, one mirror can reflect one or more windows and provide a sense of expanded space. Two mirrors increase the effect, and so on.

Make the Bathroom Appear Bigger

In a small refurbished mobile home, the bathroom doesn’t have to appear miniscule. Use a little imagination and effort to apply light colors to the walls, extra wattage to the light fixtures and color coordinate the towels and shower curtains.

Smell the Breeze

You won’t find this tip often, but it works tremendously well to help a small space feel larger. Trick your sense of smell, along with your sight. Stale, smelly air immediately gives a sense of stuffiness and tight spaces. Crack the windows, run the fan or keep a few dishes of baking soda around your rooms to open the senses and create a feeling of roominess.