The construction of mobile homes is different than a house that is built on-site. A mobile home is mostly assembled at a factory, then delivered to your site. Mobile home construction is generally less expensive due to the factory using pre-cut parts that are also used in other homes. Turning Point Co.'s manufactured home construction services are more customized yet still cheaper than a site-built home.

Setting Up

After your mobile home is delivered to your site, it needs to be professionally set-up. This ensures that it is level with proper drainage around it, utilities are hooked up right, and the home is stable. Water lines and duct work will be insulated and the furnace and air conditioner will be readied to go. After the set-up process, the underpinning will be properly installed.


Michigan mobile home construction can be a little different than other parts of the country. Due to heavy snows, it helps to have a custom roof installed over your mobile home. This helps eliminate standing water and leakage caused by melting snow and heavy rains. It also adds a touch of uniqueness to your mobile home.

Remodeling and Upgrades

Mobile home construction requires some special work when repairing or refurbishing. Most mobile homes aren't designed for the extra weight of drywall. We properly enforce the structure so that drywall can be installed without any problems to the walls, ceiling or floors. Our mobile home installations also include more efficient windows and doors, put in new flooring and carpet, and different types of siding. We also do complete kitchen and bathroom remodeling. This includes new sinks and cabinets. Our company is also available to help with mobile and manufactured home construction needs.


Steps and railings are needed for both modular and mobile homes. Concrete and custom made wood steps are available for exterior doorways. Wheelchair ramps can also be professionally installed. We also can complete porches and decks to your specifications.

Emergency Repairs

We can also do emergency repairs, such as plumbing issues, leaking roofs, and electrical issues. Whether you need a new home set or a complete remodeling job, we have the experience and tools to do the job right. We also have insurance, license, and references to help serve you better. Our employees are well trained and courteous. Estimates are available without any type of obligation.

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Turning Point serves Manufactured Home Community Owner/Operators and not privately-owned, resident-owned or occupied homes.