One of the first things to understand in a mobile home construction project is that manufactured home installation must be done correctly in order to avoid any serious damage in the future. If the house is not level or installed on a strong foundation, any excessive stress to one part of the home will affect the whole structure. Your home will start showing signs of aging much quicker, such as leaks, buckled flooring and stress on the walls.

This is where Turning Point Co. comes in. We are your go-to source for mobile home installation projects in Michigan.

Installation Contractors

If you buy a new mobile home from a dealership, they will more than likely have their own mobile home installers. Smaller dealerships may contract out the job or they will recommend local contractors to do the installation.

Home buyers who recently moved to a new state, however, may not know any local installers and will simply use the recommended contractors. That's why we encourage you to find mobile home installers like Turning Point Co. will guide you through every step of the process. Whether you purchase a new or used mobile home, you want your investment protected by ensuring proper manufactured home installation.

One of the most important things about our local mobile home installation contractors is that they are an active licensed and bonded company. Our company will be able to provide references of previous installations for you to check.

Mobile Home Installation Terms

Another important way to ensure correct installation of your home is to understand the general process and a few terms so you can ask the mobile home installers questions if you need to. Our professionals will provide resources to answer any questions you may have.

Non-Permanent and Permanent Foundations

Manufactured homes moved onto non-permanent foundations require stabilizing devices to secure and support the home. Stabilizing devices include footings, ties, piers and anchors. If the stabilizers are not in the correct set, the home will not be level. Most mobile homes will eventually settle after a few years and need to be checked to make sure they are still level.

Mobile home parks are an example of non-permanent foundations where you will see homes secured to a concrete slab or cinder block footings on a lot in the park. Once the installation is secure, you will need to secure the skirting around the home.

Permanent Foundations

If you purchased a piece of land for your home, you will probably have a permanent foundation built ahead of time to place the home on. Manufactured homes are an ideal solution for those who want to save on the costs of building their own house.

Unlike a traditionally built house, there may be problems down the road if the manufactured home installation is incorrect. This is why we recommend hiring qualified professionals for the job.

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