Michigan Mobile Home Roof Repair

If you have a manufactured home, there are several different types of roofing for mobile homes that you may have. If the home is older, it may have a rolled roof. This roof is secured by asphalt sealant that has sealed around the edges and eaves. Most mobile homes, especially those that are newer, come with shingled roofs. Metal roofs can also be seen on them as well. Shingles that are engineered are some of the most common types of roofing out there as they can be structured to look like cedar or tile. Roofing for mobile homes can vary, and is important to know what type of roofing you have. That's where our roofing contractors can help.

mobile home roofing work

Manufactured home roofing can malfunction just like any other roof. This can be due to damage to the roof, old age, or for another reason. It is important that the leak is fixed as soon as possible. If the leak is left untreated and there is no mobile home roof repair, it can cause structural damage to your mobile home as well as cause a risk for mold and mildew. Waiting to repair the roof leak can cause more costly damage than it would to just replace your entire roof. This is due to the fact that the longer the water gets down into the wood of your mobile home, the insulation in your ceiling could become rotten, the wood could rot in your home, and the walls in your home can even be damaged. It is much wiser to invest in a new roof when you start having roof leaks.

If the roof is a metal roof or rolled roof, the best way to fix it is to seal the roof. If there is a shingled roof, the old shingles can be removed and new shingles can be laid down. Typically, people may be tempted to put down a second layer shingles over the existing roof to stop the leak. However, older mobile homes cannot handle the weight and this may cause structural damage. You will need to consider this carefully, and speak to our roofing experts about adding shingles over existing ones.

The cost of this mobile home roof repair will depend on what kind of manufactured home roofing you will have. In some cases, if price concerns you, you may want to go with metal roofing to replace your roof. You can choose a metal roof that will last longer than shingles and they can come in a variety of different colors.

You will need to take into consideration what you want to spend when searching for mobile home repair in Michigan. In most cases, you will be better off replacing your entire roof when it starts leaking. Once your roof starts to leak, it is common that other parts of your roof leak as well.

Our team of roofing contractors is here to help you with your mobile home repair needs. If you would like to learn more about Turning Point Co. mobile home roofing services, fill out the form below or call 734-834-8388.

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